You've Been Served with a Bench Warrant

No matter what type of charge you’ve been issued, it is extremely important to show up on your assigned court date. Not showing up to court when you are supposed to can result in a bench warrant. A bench warrant is issued when someone does not show up to their court date, and the presiding judge issues a bench warrant, making it perfectly legal for a police officer to arrest you and hold you in jail until a new court date is scheduled. A lot of times there is a misunderstanding or extenuating circumstance that makes it impossible for the defendant to make it to court. If you are in this situation, know that there are steps you can take to make this go away. For individuals who have a bench warrant in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding area, the bail bond agents at Indiana Bail Bonds are here to assist you. We can help you take care of your bench warrant so you won’t be arrested. Call us today at 317-423-9300 to learn more about our process.

Why It’s Necessary To Take Care of Your Bench Warrant

Why It's Necessary To Take Care of Your Bench Warrant

When You’ve Been Issued a Bench Warrant, Don’t Hesitate to Call Our Bail Bond Agents for Help.

You miss your court case and are issued a bench warrant. What’s the worst that can happen? By not taking care of your warrant, you can face a lot of consequences. First, in addition to the original charges you were issued, missing your court date will take on extra charges. Not only that, your bond might be higher or you may have to forfeit the bail bond altogether. If we are dealing with a felony crime and you miss court, you might not be eligible for bail once you are re-arrested. Taking care of the situation now will prevent these outcomes from happening. We want our clients to succeed, so if you need help with a bench warrant in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding area, call us.

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Depending on the charge and the amount of the bail, the bail bondsmen at Indiana Bail Bonds can help you pay your bond and have the warrant cleared. This can only happen if you call the court and explain your circumstances. Many times the court will work with you so you won’t be re-arrested, but of course, it will be based on the type of crime you were charged for in the first place. Get in touch with us today at 317-423-9300 and get help with your bench warrant in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding area, or find out more about our other bail bond services.