Bail for Weapons Charges

Bail for Weapons Charges

If You Need Bail for Weapons Charges in Indiana, Please Call Indiana Bail Bonds Now for Professional Bail Services.

In both Indiana and the United States, individuals have the right to bear arms. While this is a constitutional right in the state and country, there are laws that regulate where you can carry and who can carry a weapon. If someone violates these laws, they can be charged with weapons and firearm violations. If you are looking for bail for weapons charges in Indianapolis, IN, Indiana Bail Bonds, and the surrounding area, is the bail bond company to call. We offer bail services that will secure your release from jail as quickly as possible. We will work closely with our clients to ensure they understand the process and address any questions that they have. If you need help with weapons violation bail, please call us now at 317-423-9300.

What Is Considered a Weapons Violation?

While Indiana doesn’t have that many restrictions on firearms, there are still laws in place in order to protect citizens. Violating these laws will find an individual in serious trouble. You are in violation of Indiana gun and weapon laws if you own a machine gun, switchblade, or sawed-off shotgun. No matter what type of weapon or firearm, the way it is used or the person who uses it can land you in hot water. The violations for weapons and guns in Indiana include

  • Possessing a switchblade: Class B misdemeanor
  • Possessing a machine gun: Class C felony
  • Possessing a sawed-off shotgun: Class D felony
  • Pointing a gun at someone: Class D felony
  • Using false information to procure a gun: Class C felony
  • Having a gun at school: Class D felony
  • A child possessing a gun: Class A misdemeanor
  • Giving a gun to a convicted felon or child: Class C felony
  • A serious violent felon possessing a firearm: Class B felony
  • Individual convicted of domestic battery possessing a firearm: Class A misdemeanor

If you have been arrested for a weapons or firearm violation, please call us for bail for weapons charges in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding area.

Call for Weapons Charges Bail Bonds

At Indiana Bail Bonds, we are open 24/7 and are able to travel to where you are in order to post bail. We even offer a fast and convenient online bail service. Whether you need misdemeanor or felony bail, our bail bond agents are able to help you get released from jail as soon as possible. We are proud to offer compassionate and professional bail service for those in need. Get bail for weapons charges in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding area, by calling us at 317-423-9300.