What Happens When an Arrest Warrant Is Issued?

A Picture of a Cop Arresting a Man.

How Arrest Warrants Work

If you’ve been issued an arrest warrant, you are probably wondering how and why it has happened. There are a couple of reasons why an arrest warrant can be issued, with the following being examples.

  • Stolen Car Suspect: If there is evidence that you have stolen a car, then a warrant for your arrest can be issued.
  • Breaking and Entering Suspect: People who are suspected of breaking and entering into a property that isn’t theirs, then they can be issued a warrant.
  • Rape Suspect: If someone is suspected of sexual assault, that is a reason to be issued an arrest warrant.
  • Robbery Suspect: Arrest warrants can be issued for those who are accused of a robbery.
  • Murder Suspect: Murder suspects will definitely be issued an arrest warrant in order to bring them into jail right away.
  • Abduction Suspect: If there is any proof that you abducted another individual, that will get you an arrest warrant.

So now that you know what you can get an arrest warrant for, you are probably wondering how a warrant works and what happens when one is issued. Before arrest warrants can be issued, the police officer who goes to the judge has to have probable cause and evidence that a crime has been committed. An arrest warrant without evidence can’t be used in court, so in order for them to be legal, a police officer needs probable cause and two pieces of evidence to have an arrest warrant issued. A lot of people ask, “Who can issue an arrest warrant?” and the answer is the judge. A police officer will go to a judge and ask for an arrest warrant for a specific crime that has been committed. If the judge finds that there are probable cause and evidence, then they can issue the warrant.

What Happens After Arrest Warrant Is Issued?

Once the arrest warrant has been issued, police officers have the legal right to arrest the person who is suspected of the crime. Arresting police officers can legally arrest you in private and in public, so they can arrest you if you are at work, at a restaurant, or even if you are at home. When they arrest you, they are not allowed to search your home, work, car, or another area that you have been at. They either have to have a search warrant or they have to get consent from you, your roommate, or boss to search your property. It’s also important that if they do have a warrant for your arrest, you don’t have to answer any of their questions. If any of these things happen without your consent, you can contact a lawyer for legal assistance. Many people ask, “Can a warrant be dismissed?” and the only way that arrest warrants will be dismissed is if you turn yourself in. If its something minor, you can go to the court where the warrant was issued and ask for it to be dismissed. You can also bring bail with you just in case it is needed.

Arrest Warrant Vs Bench Warrant

While they are both warrants, an arrest, and a bench warrant are completely different from one another. As stated before, arrest warrants are issued when a police officer comes to a judge with evidence and probable cause that a crime was committed. Once the arrest warrant has been issued, police officers are free to find and arrest you. A bench warrant is different, as they are used for criminal and civil cases. For civil cases, a bench warrant can be issued for a witness so they can come to testify. For criminals cases, bench warrants are issued if the defendant misses their court date. They can also be used in child support cases and when someone doesn’t show up to jury duty. Unlike with an arrest warrant, a police officer might not be actively looking for you.

How Do I Take Care of a Warrant Without Going to Jail?

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Can I Check If I Have a Warrant?

If you have a warrant for your arrest, you are probably wondering if you can get it taken care of without having to go to jail. You can hire a lawyer who can contact the court that issued the warrant and try to get it dismissed. If there are any court dates associated with the warrant, then you might have to go to court to get the warrant removed. It will honestly based on the seriousness of the crime. If its pretty minor, a judge might dismiss the warrant and release you on your own recognizance or set bail. To make sure that everything is done correctly, it’s crucial you get help from a lawyer. If you think you might have a warrant for your arrest but you aren’t sure, you might be wondering, “Can you check warrants online?” the answer is yes. You can search a public records site and see there is a warrant for your arrest. Do you have an arrest warrant in Indianapolis, IN and need help? Indiana Bail Bonds can help! We have many bail services, such as weapons violation bail and arrest warrants help. Call us at 317-423-9300 to receive assistance.