Why Appearing in Court After Bail is Important

judge bangs gavel in court

Failure To Show Up On Your Court Dates Results in Serious Consequences

After you are arrested and post bond, one of the agreements between you and the judge and court is that in order to regain your freedom, you must show up at the scheduled court date for punishment of the crime you committed that got you arrested. If you have missed court in the state of Indiana, a judge can issue a bench warrant, where police can arrest you and jails can hold you without bail until your court date. Sometimes, you are allowed to post a bond at a higher fee. If you have been issued a bench warrant and need bond guidance, Indiana Bail Bonds can help if you have missed your court date in Avon and Indianapolis, IN. Call us at 317-423-9300.

Consequences of Failure to Appear at Court

If you miss one court date, a warrant for your arrest is issued for you. Something so simple as a traffic stop for a broken headlight can get you placed in jail. Sometimes people don’t even know that they have a warrant out for their arrest, or forget that they have a court date approaching. You can check online to see if there is currently a warrant out for you and call the county clerk to verify your court schedule to ensure you don’t miss them. If you do fai to show up to court, you can get serious consequences.

  • If your warrant was for traffic violations, your license will be suspended until all charges are handled.
  • Have your charge increased.
  • Have your court fees increased.